Basic Design and Operation  
Basic Design and Operation Basic Construction
Examples of installation & Application

CMB series are a power-off brake that can be used as a back cover of motor for an integrated installation. It can be taken as an individual module for saving amounts of parts. The friction disc is designed to be a separate part, which decreases the inertia of rotor for the extension of brake lifetime. The hub with anti-rattle design helps reduce noises while brake operates at high speed.
 Special Features
Save space
  Integrated installation with motor as an individual module saves space.
Dynamic and static use
  Brake can be used on both applications of braking and holding for simple model selection.
Manual release
  Release handle (option) provides override to release brakes in the absence of power.
Slim case
  Slime brake case design saves installation space.
Light rotor
  Light rotor design reduces amounts of wear as CMB friction disc is driven by hub, which is different from other single-friction motor brakes.