Basic Design and Operation  
Basic Design and Operation Basic Construction 
Examples of installation & Application

Chain Tail permanent magnet hysteresis units can be configured as a clutch or a brake depending upon mounting. Specifically, it can be used as a “Torque Limiter” for tensioning wire, capping machines and torque-limiting systems. CHT provides reliable torque control and generate no wear. Different from friction type of clutches and brakes, the torque is transmitted by magnet flux, which offers superior overload protection for drive units and a safe buffer force when a torque is established.


 Special Features
Long life
  No mechanical friction, or wear components exist.

Quick and precise torque adjustment
  Torque is manually adjustable with a knurled adjustment ring.

Save power、No Lead wires
  No additional electrical circuits or external power source.

Accurate torque repeatability
  Torque is established by permanent magnet, the repeatability on ratio of torque to current is very high.

Free mounting direction
  Small size, can be installed horizontally or vertically.