Miniature Electromagnetic Clutch and Brake  
Basic Design and Operation Basic Construction
Examples of installation & Application

Micro electromagnetic clutches and brakes are suitable for dry running, which transmit and stop the torque through friction. With DC voltage supplied, the torque is transmitted without backlash. Due to the coordination of prestressed plating spring and armature plate, a release free of residual torque is ensured.

Special features:


 Non-asbestos: Non-asbestos materials are used for friction disc.

  No residual magnetism: Using prestressed plating spring to ensure that there is no residual magnetism when clutch/brake is released.

 Small-size design: Miniaturized, high-torque and light design is easy for customers to install.

 Quick response: Quick time for torque transmitting and releasing. High accuracy for starting and stopping.

 Excellent heat dissipation: Suitable for high-frequency using, can increase work efficiency.