Permanent Magnet Brake Power-Off Series  
Basic Design and Operation Basic Construction
Examples of installation & Application

Braking force of PERMANENT MAGNET BRAKE is generated by a permanent magnet instead of a spring, thus it is different from a general type of springapplied safety brake. The permanent magnet brake is composed of a spring plate and an armature, so there is no backlash on the moment of braking while power is off and no drag torque while idling during the current is supplied.
 Special features:
Quick response
  Use a permanent magnet to induce an armature plate for braking force which solidifies and speeds up movement.

Zero backlash
  Because an armature plate is driven by a spring plate, thus it transmits torque without backlash.

Low number of decibels:
  Because the armature plate directly connects to the spring plate, so almost zero decibels of noise and no drag torque while in rotation.

Small volume and high torque
  The use of superior quality of permanent magnet generates greater effect of torque than other types at the same size.